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The Ultimate Surfer Gift Guide

18 Gift Ideas for Every Surfer

As the holidays quickly approach, this guide breaks down the ultimate gifts for surfers of all abilities. Whether you are looking for stocking stuffers or unique experiences, these surfer gift ideas are sure to please every budget.

Balance board for surfers

1. Balance Board

The ultimate core stabilizer when the waves aren’t pumping. The Indo Balance Board will strength train your surfer to be a strong surfer while they are out of the water. Use the roller to train core strength, balance, and stability and the cushion to practice rail to rail movement. Surf fins

2. Swim Fins

For the days where body surfing is the call, these DaFin swim fins are a must-have. Made in Hawaii, and equipped with a soft foot pocket these are the best on the market. These are a staple surfer gift this season. Channel Islands board fins

3. Board Fins

A surfer can never have too many fins. Depending on the type of riding your surfer does, there are plenty to choose from. We recommend checking out this fin guide to determine the best fins suited for your surfer.

surfboard leashes

4. Leash

Similar to fins, leashes are always nice to have in stock. Depending on the size of your board, you can choose a leash for every type of rider. We are partial to our local Channel Islands brand.

Board buddy carrier

5. Board Buddy

If you have ever seen a grom struggle to carry their board to the beach or a shorty, like me, gripping their longboard for dear life – this is the best thing since sliced bread. It makes the journey from the car to the beach a breeze by hugging the rail of your board with a nonslip handle to carry it by.

Dakine car straps6. Straps

Tie-down straps are one of those things you don’t know you need until you need them. These make a great stocking stuffer gift for any surfer.

Neoprine repair glue

7. Wetsuit glue

Wetsuit glue is a great way to get some extra mileage out of any wetsuit with a couple of reef tears. This gift likely won’t bring ultimate Christmas joy to the surfer in your life but saving a beaucoup of money certainly will.

Neoprine wetsuit cleaner and conditioner8. Wetsuit Shampoo

Another way to extend the life of any wetsuit, this wetsuit shampoo makes a great stocking stuffer for surfers.

Sex Wax surfboard wax

9. Board Wax

A surfing staple item that fits perfectly in any stocking this holiday – Sex Wax. The standard wax used by novice and professional surfers, this board wax will provide you the traction you need to stay on your board when paddling out or riding a wave.

Surfboard wax remover10. Wax Remover

Old wax is nothing short of a problem. It no longer provides the traction you need to stay on your board and adds unnecessary weight. The Pickle Wax Remover is a unique tool that will help you get rid of the pesky wax that no longer serves you.

Channel Islands surfboard bag

11. Board Bag

An essential for surf trips, picking the right board bag as a gift for your surfer will cut out a lot of stress in getting their board to the destination ding-free. You really can’t go wrong with the CX3 bag by Channel Islands which is a practical choice for both weeklong trips to Baja or monthlong trips in the Mentawai’s.

Sand Cloud whale towel

12. Towel

Sustainably made with saving the environment as its mission. Sand Cloud beach towels are a great, lightweight option that any surfer can use to dry off or use as a privacy shield when changing into a wetsuit. With a variety of towels made from 100% Turkish cotton and recycled materials, this is a great conscious gift for surfers.

Avasol sunscreen stick

13. Sunscreen

There is no better sunscreen than Avasol. You can quote us. This sunscreen is ultra-protective, reef-safe, all-natural, and smells like warm brown sugar. What more could you ask for in a surfer gift? Surfer ear plugs

14. Ear Plugs

Surfer’s ear is the dreaded side effect of surfing in cold water and excess wind. For avid surfers, these earplugs are a must as they are great for protecting your ears while not affecting your hearing or balance.

Ocean Warrior course

15. Breath Holding Course

The Ocean Warrior Course teaches surfers and other water athletes the secrets to maximizing your breath-hold to make you more confident in big waves. They offer both a beginner and advanced course for all skill levels. This is a surfer dream gift to be sure.

Water sunglasses

16. Surf Sunglasses

Another protective measure surfers should consider in addition to ear plugs is eye protection. These LiP Typhoon sunglasses are pricey but well worth it. Noting 100% UV protection, fogless, polarized lenses, they also float and come with a leash system so you are sure to never lose them.

Theragun massage gun

17. Massage Gun

Recovery is super important to many frothy surfers who can’t wait to get back out during a swell. These Theragun percussion devices will soothe achy muscles after riding all day. With a variety of options and price points, these will have your surfer feeling loose in no time.  Leef CBD balm for muscles

18. CBD Balm for Muscles

Let’s hop on the CBD train for a moment. Another great way to recover between paddle sessions is by using a CBD balm, like Leef Organics to reduce muscle and joint inflammation.

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