Surf Locations around Santa Barbara

Our experienced staff is constantly checking surf reports and reading buoy data!

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All of our locations are on sandy beaches where there is room for those who prefer not to get in the water to relax, take pictures, and soak up the sun.

Our experienced staff is constantly checking surf reports and reading buoy data, not to mention checking in with our locals on spot connections to ensure you’re surfing at the best spot on the day of your lesson. Typically we have all of our lessons set for one location based on forecasting and will be sure to let you know where which locations we will be surfing at when you book your lesson.

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#1 Staff Pick!
Aerial View Mondos beach

Mondos – Currently Teaching Here
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This is our closest resemblance of Waikiki. If the waves are too small for Santa Claus we often move here. It’s about 20 minutes South of Santa Barbara and is by far the most consistent surf break. If Mondos is working we love teaching here. The waves hit the beach at an angle allowing you to get an extra long ride.

Queen of the Coast!


Rincon- Coming soon to our surf lesson options
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This world-famous wave is known for its long, right-handed ride. Rincon has been called the 23rd best wave in the world and lives up to it’s nickname as “Queen of the Coast”. When this wave is breaking you can expect to see all of the best surfers out, paddling into perfectly shaped waves and riding them for a long time.

Local Winter Option!
Santa Barbara Surf Lesson spot

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Leadbetter is the only true point break that is beginner friendly in Santa Barbara. It’s also one of the few surf spots that are actually in Santa Barbara proper. However due to the position of the Channel Islands Santa Barbara stays very shadowed from the summer surf and it doesn’t always break. Often we teach here when the surf is too large at our other locations. If you happen to be in town during a swell and get to surf Leadbetter you’re in for a real treat, its by far the longest ride around.

The Carpinteria Favorite!
Santa Claus surfing spot near santa barbara
Santa Claus Lane Driving Directions Santa Barbara has several phenomenal beaches that are ideal for learning to surf. One of our favorites is Santa Claus Lane in Carpinteria about 10 minutes south of Santa Barbara. It’s an all sand beach with low currents and perfect rolling waves. The beach is also very large which gives us the ability to spread out and find our own spots to surf that aren’t crowded. It’s also one of the most consistent breaks in the area. If you don’t see waves in Santa Barbara don’t worry! There are usually waves at Santa Claus.
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Gold Coast Beaches
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This is the beginning of a 3 mile stretch of beach from Solimar to Emma Wood. We’ll be at Solimar when we surf this area!

Coming Soon… surf lessons at backside Rincon 10am, 12pm, and 2pm

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