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Surf Lessons and Rentals at Santa Barbara Surf School

Surf Lessons and Rentals at Santa Barbara Surf School
Whether you live in Santa Barbara or are passing by, Santa Barbara Surf School will meet your surfer needs. With friendly experienced instructors and quality surfboards and wetsuits at your disposal, you’ll be a successful surfer in no time.

Santa Barbara Surf Lessons
Offering the best surf experience in Santa Barbara, we ensure that you get value for your time and leave with the best memories. The lessons are tailored to your skill level and our instructors are reliable, efficient, and good.

The 1.5-hour private surf lessons in Santa Barbara gives you ample time to get into your gear and hit the waves.

Ally is a crowd favorite instructor. Her friendly, enthusiastic, and engaging demeanor enables her to ease your qualms and ensures you have the lesson of a lifetime.

Jacob has the ability to make you feel completely at ease when hitting the waves. Your lesson with him will bear fruits almost instantly. He is super-encouraging and knowledgeable.

Everyone on the team is attentive and very responsive to all your needs and queries during your lesson. Their devotion to you is not restricted in any way during group lessons, every member of your group is guaranteed the full worth for their bucks.

Santa Barbara Surf Rentals
We pride ourselves in having a variety of surfboards and wetsuits to choose from. You can rent any of our surf rentals for a period of one day to a full week at varied prices.

The surfboards available range from the retro with modern features of the NSP Fish 6’4 and 6’6 to the SurfTech Soft Top, an industry standard. As for the wetsuits, we offer the Dawn Patrol full suit series for men, women and children alike.

Come one, come all, Santa Barbara Surf School will surely help you reach your surfer dreams. What are you waiting for?

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