Mixed Group Surf Lessons

Meet new people and learn to surf!

Group Surf Lessons

Learn to Surf in Santa Barbara while meeting other surfers!

Looking for surf lessons in Santa Barbara and Ventura to learn the basics or further your surfing skills while meeting other surfers?  Group surf lessons are a great way to learn the sport, meet fellow travellers, and have some fun with our instructors in the water. Santa Barbara Surf School’s group lessons range from 2 – 6 people per group depending on how many others have signed up. Our group surf lessons start at 3pm on Mondays and Wednesdays between March and October.

At 3pm you’ll meet your instructor at our surf truck to get your wetsuit and surfboard. We’ll jump over to the sand for some on beach instruction and surfing basics before entering the water. When we finish the beach portion of the lesson we’ll jump in the water and help you catch waves while giving you hands on coaching.

Pricing: $65 per person with rentals included.

Questions? call 805-708-9878. Or, reserve your spot below!

We’ve been giving surf lessons in Santa Barbara for 20 years and our staff is accustomed to giving mixed group surf lessons and working with different skill levels. Our mixed group surf lessons in Santa Barbara are designed for beginners but can be easily catered to intermediate surfers as well.  If we have intermediate students mixed with beginner students we will do the on the beach portion together. Once in the water we can easily work with some students on standing up and pushing them into waves. With the more advanced students we’ll work on getting them onto the face of the wave, turning, and other advanced tips and tricks.

In summer when the waves are smaller we surf 20 minutes south of Santa Barbara for group surf lessons. South of Santa Barbara will be slightly bigger and more fun – around the fun 2 – 3 foot range.  The islands directly in front of Santa Barbara tend to shield most of the surf during summer, but waves sneak through 20 minutes south of us. There are great beginner surf breaks down south with nice rolling waves to learn on.


We would  be pumped to get you in the water! So sign up for a private or group surf lesson while visiting Santa Barbara and we’ll show you a great time!

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